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Diaspora as History

Presenting two ongoing series “icon” and “landscape”, aaajiao explores the senses and sentiments of himself, who struggles to remain mobile in his identity. The sense of identity dilemma derives from the notion of being a place-based Sinitic speaker, who seeks identity independence from his national origins and his use of language. Further influenced by recent literatures in Sinophone studies, he presents us a visual thesis about the evolution of his identity and the world he sees. It responds to his personal experience, the socio-political tension specific to Chineseness, and his dual existence on the Internet and in this world.

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icon series (2018 ~ 2022)

icon 2018-2022
icon, 2018~2022, screen printing, chevron board, metal frame, acrylic paint, size varies

“I was born on the Internet, I was dead on the Internet, and I was reborn on the Internet.“

I cannot simply hide my identity dilemma with my Internet identity. I record my identity evolution and reveal the hidden part via icons. The icon is also my way of seeing. After I experienced the gradual detachment from my racial and national identity while using the language (Chinese), my nostalgia becomes place-based. It originates in Berlin and in cyberspace. At the same t ...

In 2020, my icon was a player who sees the world reconstituted by computing power while trapped in the identity of Chinese diaspora.

- aaajiao

Icon2020 liste 1
icon 2020, 2022, screenshot from https://liste.t-h-e-s-p-a-c-e.com
The Chinese diaspora in the EU 2011 2
Background of icon 2020: the Chinese diaspora in the Europe

In 2021, my icon was a hybrid form of a half-dead User on social media and a player awaiting for his reborn.

- aaajiao

Icon2021 liste
icon 2021, 2022, screenshot from https://liste.t-h-e-s-p-a-c-e.com
Mqa Izu7 Lnj7o Wb P1 U1 X Q
Background of icon 2021: a transfer point in Diablo, Diablo is often extended as something powerful and destructive

In 2022, my icon attempts to be a mobile presence of a place-based Sinitic speaker, who is wary of falling into the discrete ideology of Perpetual Foreigners and a forced self-Minoritisation.

- aaajiao

Icon2022 liste
icon 2022, 2022, screenshot from https://liste.t-h-e-s-p-a-c-e.com
Dct table
Background of icon 2022: the discrete cosine transform (DCT), often used in signal processing and image processing for lossy data compression of signals and images (both still and motion images)
Installation view, 2022 I was dead on the Internet , Wannsee Contemporary. Images: Andrea Rossetti

landscape series (2022)

Shan1 liste
landscape (01), 2022, screenshot from https://liste.t-h-e-s-p-a-c-e. com
8 F3 D0 ADF E074 4902 9526 6 AB60 FAE1941
Background of landscape (01): Mario (a fan-fiction version)
Shan3 liste
landscape (03), 2022, screenshot from https://liste.t-h-e-s-p-a-c-e. com
0 E704 B23 6670 4 ABB 8018 7 BA7544 CB2 C0 1 105 c 1
Background of landscape (03): the shot of Johnnie To Kei Fung’s film Throw Down when watching it in Berlin