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Noah Klink

08 Alison Yip BAREHEELCOUNTRY installationview 2020 Dortmunder Kunstverein Photo Roland Baege

The following works bei Alison Yip reflect her investigations into the role of fantasy in a post-truth world. They were shown at her solo exhibition Bare Heel Country at Kunstverein Dortmund (2020/2021).

Beginning with painting, the artist uses murals, texts, and sculptural objects to explore the dispersed nature of our sensory apparatus and plays with the role of ambivalence in our perception of social relations. Her paintings create new worlds on the one hand and draw attention to the surface on the other, as Yip integrates familiar materials, such as distressed denim, which speak to the mimicry of time and experience.

13 Alison Yip You re Me 2020 Dortmunder Kunstverein Photo Simon Vogel
32 Alison Yip 2020 Dortmunder Kunstverein Photo Simon Vogel