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Dickson’s works create its own hallucinatory and extraordinarily diverse world, which has been determined by elements of American culture (from ufology and high-strangeness, to the Native American figure of the ‘Trickster’), mythology, philosophy or urban, public and domestic spaces. Dickson’s visceral motifs interweave with each other creating deeply intricate compositions. His drawings and paintings roil with intense colors, abstract figures, dense landscapes. His sculptural works (objects, installations) seem like a surreal extension of them but also something of a representation of artist’s high ...


[...] It was my drawings that lead me both to painting, sculpture and installation. Drawing goes hand in hand with thought, and because of that I feel far more at home and closer to my thoughts within the realm of drawing [Anders Dickson]

9 GBH 2020 Clémence de la Tour du Pin Anders Dickinson 006
19 GBH 2020 Clémence de la Tour du Pin Anders Dickinson 014

[...] Through a vivid color palette, the artist creates an emotional rapport between the practices of sculpture and painting. Dickson’s sculptures manifest contorted and ambiguous bodies which hybridize and reimagine industrial machinery. In his paintings, one finds echoes of the sculptural forms, as masses appear to have been unpacked and stretched flat like origami [...] ["A Sudden Wilt", duo exhibition with Clémence de la Tour du Pin at 15 Orient Gallery, NYC hosted by Balice Hertling, Paris, 2020]

  • "Loose signs for the times", 2020, watercolor on paper, hanging variable of 5 individual 35 x 45 cm
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