Andrés Matías Pinilla

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  • no one hears the bones sing, installation view, 2021, curated by joaquín barrera
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« […] To cross the threshold of this exhibition is to enter the New World that Andrés Matías Pinilla created for us. A magical portal that is harmonious but carefully disordered so that all the pieces of this altered theatrical function are intuitively arranged and together build a space to inhabit, a shelter from the wind, a better place to play. The images that the artist proposes in the room are not closed or finished artworks. They are necessary regurgitations of a world that no longer exists and of a time that transitions and becomes a worm that gnaws at the earth. They are images mixed and unit ...

titan, 2020
titan, 2020
sometimes you just got a play!, 2019
«sometimes you just got a play!», 2019
no one hears the bones sing, 2021
«no one hears the bones sing», 2021

"I strive to foster exchange and dialogue between a wide range of cultural and social audiences to expand and find new ways of producing and thinking about contemporary art within diverse Latin American «identities» and contemporary diaspora. I appropriate codes from the modern Western philosophy, folk ontologies, major religions, and some Andean epistemologies to raise fictions that claim the power of the crossing. I juxtapose and confront narratives, mythologies, signs, and images configured by human groups from different geographies, contexts, and historical moments, to propose a cross and critica ...

  • animal crackers, «papalunero», 2018, curated by halim badawi
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"I understand the artistic practice as a revolutionary way of «worlding»: a complex toolkit to think and create new paradigms that are both abstract and powerful. Those that invoke new universes of reference that manage to conquer the collective imagination with other possible futures to inhabit."

wardrove, 2018
conceptual & paranormal, «wardrove», 2018, curated by jen zapata
af klint, 2018 + apothecary, 2018
conceptual & paranormal, «af klint», 2018 + «apothecary», 2018, curated by jen zapata
the call of the wild, 2018
conceptual & paranormal, «the call of the wild», 2018, curated by jen zapata
  • welcome to parime, installation view, 2016, curated by carlos rojas cocoma and paloma nicolás
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"A road to el dorado is a large pyramid with a square base, made up of 24 floors of glass jars with paint inside. The jars at the base contain white paint, and, as the pyramid ascends, the color changes until it reaches gold. Thus, the different levels of the pyramid diagram a chromatic scale whose gradual ascending passage allegorizes the road to el dorado.

The work puts different levels of semantic productivity to play: in the imaginary of the european travelers who embarked in search of el dorado, this mythical city would be constituted by a great stepped gilded p ...