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Kapusta's most recent works are part of a wider investigation into the parallels between geographical borders and the permeability of skin. Kapusta considers skin as a zone of transition, a membrane, acting as simultaneously permeable and a barrier. A fertile zone where transformations, new compositions and multiplications occur, whilst at the same time contending with the constant and real threat of pollution, extinction and poisoning.

  • Barbara Kapusta, The Giant (2018), installation view Hysterical Mining, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (2019); photo: Jorit Aust
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In the work of Barbara Kapusta, sculpture, text, performance and animated video works blend together to investigate forms of metamorphosis. Ever changing, ever between states, her works recall the inherent potential of change in content, objects and beings interrogating materiality and collective becoming. Conscious of the place of the viewer, the artist navigates the in-between space of the individual and the collective, of dismemberment and amplification, fluidity and stasis, compilation and fiction - abolishing any strict categorical distinction. (Alexandra Goullier Lhomme, curator of Tongue on To ...