Constanza Giuliani

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  • Apéndices Lejanos (2021)
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"The formal bases of my work are anchored in the practice of drawing and painting. Using the airbrush, a tool that allows the hybridization of these activities, I develop visual imagery close to surrealism, comics, animation and graffiti. By making pseudo-stories or proto-comics, I investigate experimental writing in painting and graphic arts. The text often becomes form and competes or blends with the images. Literary elements such as fables, stories and poetry emerge experimentally."

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"I’m interested in building bodies-characters-stories that can assimilate the diverse emergence of contemporary beings. Through speculative fiction, I metabolize emotions and personal experiences that hunt to reverberate with and in others, as they move from the particular to the general, from the personal to the public, from the inside to the outside and also from virtuality to real space."

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"I search for my work to have the intimacy of emotions and forms that belong to relationships to grant it political and poetic power. I search for establishing platforms that foster poetic dialogues through a feminist perspective. This perspective is not anthropocentric but queer, it is activated from the difference that bodies and ideas present in a constant process of mutation. It explores the possibility of creating the space-time where humans and nonhumans are relationally linked through experiences and tentacular actions, doing with and becoming one with each other. My challenge is to force the boundaries between the tensions of individual and collective labour production."