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1974, 1979

United Kingdom

The Sunday Painter

Emma Hart
Mamma Mia! The Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2017

Emma Hart makes work that actively confronts us. Her sculptures often jut out from the wall, and physically encroach on the viewer’s personal space. Hart tries to manipulate the viewer, ceramic speech bubbles put words in our mouths, or protruding loud hailers shout in our faces. The power relationship between the artist, the viewer and the work is tested. Hart’s work implicates the audience in acts of visual and verbal violence, making them play out the ups and downs of human relationships. Whether we adhere to habitual modes of behaviour or submit to external pressures Hart explores what pushes us ...

201006 SP 43 MGL9621 2
No No, 2020
Oi Oi, 2021
Oi Oi, 2021
Emma Hart
BE SOME BODY, installation view, The Sunday Painter, 2020
201006 SP 17 MGL9465
Mirror (blue swinger), 2021

Emma Hart lives and works in London. In 2017 she won the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery. In 2015 she was awarded a Paul Hamlyn Foundation award for Visual Art. In 2022, Hart will realise her first permanent sculpture for the public entrance of the UCL East, Pool Street West building, on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Barakat Contemporary, Seoul, South Korea (2021 Upcoming); BE SOME BODY, The Sunday Painter, London (2020); Banger, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2018), Mamma Mia! Whitechapel Gallery and the Co ...