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After months of bike training, 13.000 km, 220.000 meters of elevation and a lot of oats, it’s time to announce my new project: Cartoline Faticose (Knackered Postcards).During the next year I will ride some of the best cycling routes, including many iconic climbs in cycling history around the world. Each stage will be the starting point (and sometimes the finishing line) of new artworks or at least new ideas. In other words, the bike will be the place i think and make. More soon...


CARTOLINE FATICOSE 01 - Monte Terminillo.

This massif, part of the Apennine mountains, is located 100 km from Rome and has a highest altitude of 2,217 metres. It features unique panoramas and a very intense fresh breeze. The climb from the side I decided to ride is a true epic one, 21 km long and an average gradient of 7.5%. It was part of the Giro d'Italia many times since 1936, when legendary Giuseppe Olmo won the ascent.Enjoy a new drawing of an uphill postcard and there is also a podcast.

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(a young artist is a tiger)

Rat Penat is a mountain peak at an elevation of 600m above the sea level, located in the Garraf Massif, Catalonia, Spain. The winding asphalted road to reach the summit includes brutal grades of 25%.Starting from Sitges, a town about 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona, the ascent is 5.17 km long. It is one of the most iconic climbs for cyclists in Catalonia and it has been featured a few times on the Vuelta a España. Ratpenat in Catalan means bat, but the Buddhist Monk in Sakya Tashi Ling (a monastery deep inside the Garraf N ...

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CARTOLINE FATICOSE 03 - Colle delle Finestre

(All or nothing)(CFx3: Colle delle Finestre - Chris Froome - Cartoline Faticose)

Colle delle Finestre is a pass in the Cottian Alps not too far from Turin. The road was built around 1700 to gain access to the fortresses in the zone, mainly the Forte di Fenestrelle, and it rises to an altitude of 2,178 metres. The climb starts in Susa Valley for 18,6 Km featuring a brutal average gradient of 9,1%.What makes this climb very special are the last not asphalted 8 kilometres of the road. From comfortable tarmac you will find yourself riding in to a ...

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CARTOLINE FATICOSE 04 - Linea d'aria

(Festive 6917)

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I would like to transport my artworks or even an entire exhibition with the bike. It would be slow, but more friendly with the environment and long the way I could even make more artworks.If my bike had wings and it could fly as the crow flies, I would need to pedal for just 6917 km from my studio to get to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Artworks could go in my jersey pockets or in front of my handle bar, like Elliot and E.T.

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(The bread of Salvador Dalì)

The Els Àngels ride includes two climbs with a nice flat in the middle. The gradients are never too intense, and the first climb starts just 4 kilometres away from Girona. The route was made famous by Lance Armstrong: locals say he loved it for a short high-intensity training ride.A lovely winding and peaceful road with hardly any traffic, takes you up to Els Àngels, the chapel where Salvador Dalí got married with his muse Elena Diakonova, known to the world as Gala.To honour this beautiful ride, I baked a Dalí bread (exact ...

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CARTOLINE FATICOSE 06 - The best dream ever.

(Mathieu van der Poel domestique)

It was my first time at the Giro d’Italia, I was climbing Passo dello Stelvio…suddenly I woke up.

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CARTOLINE FATICOSE 07 - 7 stelle di Egan

(there is always some room left in any pocket)

These 7 gravel stones have been touched by Egan Bernal wheels during his epic 84 seconds attack at the end of stage 9 of 2021 Giro d’Italia. Put them in your jersey pocket and you will be unbeatable on any climb.

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