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Credits Nils Müller onetouchnilsone
Photo: Nils Müller

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg’s (*1987, Bonn, Germany) practice is labor-intensive and reflects an enthusiasm for craftsmanship. She works in a lineage of artists who push against sculpture’s stability, dismantling the modernist obsession with structure and integrity.

Dunkelberg cooks up an image of rambunctious artmaking: in her new series of wall reliefs, the artist imitates supple brushstrokes, using industrial tools and production techniques. Through a process commonly applied to car interiors or sport jerseys, her furnace-shaped (Kachelöfen) sculptures are flocked to produce a velveteen s ...

LEGACY detailcrop 5
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "C9222 LEGACY" (detail)
HD oven blue 3
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "SUN CITY (west)" (detail)
JUNIPER detailcrop 3
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "G9173 JUNIPER" (detail)
HD oven red 3
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "SUN CITY (north)" (detail)
SAGE detailcrop 4
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "G9172 SAGE" (detail)
Credits Alex Heide heides corner
Photo: Alex Heide
Credits Marina Hoppmann 2
Photo: Marina Hoppmann
Art 8 2021 Seite 102 103
ART 08/2021, pp.102-103
S68 Studio Visits Hannah
SLEEK 3/2021, pp. 28-29
Installation view, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "La Laitière", "This Must be The Place", Villa Schönigen, Potsdam, 2021
Exhibition 3065
Installation view, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "Der gedeckte Tisch (no. 1)", "From Almora to Amrum", Efremidis, Berlin, 2021
Hannah 5874
Installation view, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "E.X.P.O. (sub sole)", [erp], Efremidis, Berlin, 2020
08 A4337 Bearbeitet
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "Silly Symphonies", MdBK Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig, 430x350x45 cm, 2019-2020
IMG 4571
Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, "TT.MM.JJJJ", After The Butcher, Berlin, 2019