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Henrik Potter's practice encompasses painting, drawing and screen-like installations through which he aims for an experience of art works as emotive vessels and as surrogates for the human body, in pieces or in its totality.

English/Swedish artist Henrik Potter (b. 1984) lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include Souls, PSM, Berlin, 2020; Heads, Lucas Hirsch, 2019; Heedless Sleep, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, 2019; Daydreaming, Sundy, London, 2019; Landlords are not currently collecting rent in self-love, Cell Project Space, London, 2016; Oh, of course, you were berry picking, DREI, Cologne, 2015 and Down Where Changed, Cubitt, London, 2014 and PdT at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2014.

  • ... with apologies to Issy Wood, 2019
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For his paintings Potter often makes ‘copies-not-copies’ of artworks. They are interpretations, half remembered, sculptural, image-based and object-obsessed. They are selected by an impulse of connection and affect, similar to the way we continually capture and share moments and images on social media. Thus the paintings become mnemonic containers for feelings and passing ideas on aesthetics, value and politics.

  • Installation view, Heedless Sleep, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, 2019
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"Heedless Sleep" takes current conversations around embodiment, precarity and health, and pushes them into a territory that is neither sanitized nor distinctively abject. A channeling of the remarkable resilience and insubstantiality of bodies that live and change and fall apart on levels that both are palpable and minute. In this aesthetic, there is a logic which runs contrary to ideas of slickness, entrepreneurialism and fabrication – a form of making more closely preoccupied with the inconvenient and awkward registers of being.

Fatima Hellberg, Artistic Director Künstlerhaus Stuttgart 2015-2019