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Hsu Che-Yu was born in Taipei in 1985. He Graduated from Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts of Tainan National University of the Arts in 2013.

Hsu Che-Yu primarily creates animations, videos, and installations that feature the relations between medium and memories. What matters to the artist are not simply the historically true events, but also the construction and visualization of memories. To the artist, memories, be they personal private, or collective, it is with same importance of the traceable historical events and the process of memories being constructed and watched.

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No News from Home 1
No News from Home 2

The protagonists are Hsu Che-yu’s brother and his infant boy who was six-month-old. He selected five family videos about the newly-born baby that his family shot and turned them into animation. Through rituals of folklore belief and fragments of Taiwanese social customs, he discussed how his brother negotiate with his family, education system, and the society, going from confrontation to compromise.

Rabbit 314 1
Rabbit 314 2

A dead laboratory rabbit is used as a probe for this series of works. Hsu Che-Yu uses 3D scanning technology in this project because of the common deployments in laboratory researches and digital collections.

Microphone Test II:A Letter from Mother series, 2015