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Öktem Aykut

Ihsan portrait

Ihsan Oturmak's work focused on themes like, oppression, emancipation, democracy, progress, development, belief and worship. Thanks to his subtle takes on the transformation of daily practices and traditions in Turkish and Kurdish societies, Oturmak's work was able to reveal inherent absurdities in Turkish modernization, hence in the notions of modernity, progress, development and tradition in general.

Oktem Aykut 2019
Series of Open Strategies, installation view at Öktem Aykut, 2019
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Ihsan Oturmak's technique of figuration may particularly distinguish itself through its use of light and the way it represents human bodies and spaces. His attempt to shed light to the dilemmas inherent in the discussion concerning identity and class in Turkish society. Oturmak's vision emancipates this discussion from its societal and cultural load and positions it within a more ontological and existentialist framework.

  • Alternative Resources (from the series Mesopotamia), 2017, Oil on canvas, 200x145 cm
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Three Flawed Operations: Tribe, School, Civilization, installation view at Depo, Istanbul, 2016