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Joey Holder’s practice combines research into biology, technology and natural history. Mutation and hybridity are constant themes, articulated through immersive environments and video. This new installation, produced for LISTE, is titled ‘Khthon’, one of several Greek words for earth, typically referring to that which is under the earth, rather than the living surface of the land.

Images of reproduction and reproductive forces are present throughout the work. The wallpaper and light boxes are created using an algorithm designed to blend photographic images together, intertwining them and breeding infinite new versions. Computation strives for biological variety.

The glass tanks contain silicone casts of insect genitalia, dramatically scaled up from scans taken by electron microscope. These objects express the myriad exquisite forms and mating practices found in the animal kingdom, which are often invisible to the naked eye. We may imagine what life is like on other planets, other worlds, yet what is present right under our noses is far more ‘alien’.

Joey Holder (b. 1986) lives and works in London and Nottingham. She holds an MFA from Goldsmiths. She will be included in the forthcoming survey exhibition, British Art Show 9, opening in Wolverhampton in March 2021 and touring to Aberdeen, Plymouth and Manchester.

Recent institutional solo shows include Matt’s Gallery, London, UK; QUAD, Derby, UK; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK; KARST, Plymouth, UK.

For further reading, see a review published in Artforum Jul/Aug 2020 by Gilda Williams, an interview in Vice Apr 2019 by Hannah Pezzack and a profile in Art Monthly Oct 2016 by Tim Dixon