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Kong asks: Given the artwork can no longer enjoy the luxury of a chance encounter, with what tone and manner should an artwork now bear? Specifically, when it comes to such a forced online presentational model that violently pushes content to a viewer that never leaves the comfort of their house?

Warm Intervention on view at Art Basel in Hong Kong, 2021.

A hospital screen made of bright triangle party flags, Warm Intervention indicates a measure that helps increase the sense of security imbued with a strong human will, enfolded in the atmosphere of revelry.

Subdivision construes a 16:9 image of a wall, built with clay-made bricks purchased online. The flattened on-screen “landscape” is further sectionized like illegal constructs and barricades. This approach, on the one hand, makes plain the process of construction, and on the other hand, dams up visibility.

Highly Transparent is a series that uses black ink to contour-trace transparent objects. This series tinkers with the duality of (in)visibility. Against a white backdrop and with the aid of shadowing and delicate pen lines, visual transparency is heightened, while an almost palpable sense of vacancy becomes vivid.

In the video work Peeling, Kong removes a fit-to-screen transparent tape from a white background and sets the video on loop to produce an illusion of repeated actions. Such a visual trick creates a mental frustration for the viewer as the loop plays on. The outcome is clear — there is no progress at the end of the tunnel. The gaze is directed onto a forever empty background. The ongoing propensity for disenchantment proves to be a grand illusion in itself.

  • Turn into its own loop IV, 2020
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Turn into its own loop is a series inspired by the coils of electrical cords. Similar to the experience of (re)arranging wires in coils, the outcome of the arrangement is ultimately bounded by its previous self-imposed twists and turns, despite the amorphous pen lines and the seemingly infinite possibilities to start anew. Kong’s efforts to trace such paradox is his attempt to go through the path of solution-finding, while conscious of the insolvability when down the rabbit hole.