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In his videos, sculptures, and installations, Lewis Teague Wright (London, 1987) presents us with unearthly and psychedelic landscapes from manufactured environments inspired by science fiction, archaeology, and gestures of adolescence. His work explores and analyzes structures of character in popular and vernacular cultures and how these can be shaped into creating an individual’s fictional worlds and fictional selves.

Recent solo exhibitions include SCAB, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna (2019); The Ghoul, pcpgalerie, Paris (2019); TOYOTA00, Cordova, Barcelon ...

  • Lewis Teague Wright, Urchin, Installation view, Lodos, Mexico City, 2017
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Urchin, 2017 presents a video made up of six chapters framed within fictionalized vignettes. Throughout the seemingly detached chapters and through his own musings the artist develops his character: Urchin. The installation is made up of three parts that have transformed the gallery into an unconventional communal screening room for the video.

5 Lodos Lewis Urchin
Lewis Teague Wright, Light (I), 2017. Nori seaweed, acrylic glass. 150 x 150 cm.
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  • Lewis Teague Wright, TOYOTA00, Installation view, Cordova, Barcelona, 2018.
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DSC 5034
Lewis Teague Wright, 'Citronella, Sun Cream, Wet Neoprene', Embroided patches, oversized jacket liners, 2018.
  • Lewis Teague Wright, The Ghoul, Installation view, pcpgalerie, Paris, 2019.
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Settle 2
Lewis Teague Wright, 'Settle', Stained antique settle, sand cast pewter, 2019.
Lewis Teague Wright, RIDER: Reaching escape velocity, Flight case with nylon flocked interior, 2019.