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Liao Fei (1981), born in Jiangxi, China. Liao's practice attempts to prove that these systems never last.Although everything runs in a orderly and stable way under the given system, but in a meta-perspective, what we think is true might just be specific to certain time and certain place.
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Dualism that distinguishes material from spirit is the foundation of the whole scientific cognitive system. Out of curiosity, Liao Fei re-investigated the early dualism and was surprised to find that Descartes did not distinguish material and spirit in “Discours de la méthode”, but in “Res Extensa” and spirit. Until Leibniz’ age they still used the term "Res Extensa". At the beginning of 2018, Liao Fei's solo exhibition "Res Extensa" presents his re-inspection of the basis of things. It is also the continuation and reflection of his theme on "material". Through scribing, origami, building and other sim ...
单向雕塑1 4 One way Sculpture No 1 No 4 扎带 Wire 尺寸可变 45片 Dimension variable 45 pieces 2017
This is a vehicle with a rotational symmetry, despite having no axial symmetry properties. It still runs smoothly straight.
Res Extensa No 3
"This Sentence is False" is an annotation Liao added to his art practice. It shows that one attempts to use language to oppose the logic of language itself; and a component strives to find the boundary of the entire system.
Taken at the most empiric level, Liao Fei has created pieces of mathematical puzzles: his practice tends to find the logic behind various events and to test and reiterate the logic.

This series of works is related to the arrangement of crystal geometry. Circles are regularly arranged in the scope of the grid, they do not overlap or stagger in space. The center of a circle is used as the particle, and then , on the basis of this ,cutting, combing, deformation and composition are made.