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  • Installation view, You're in business? I'm in business., Plymouth Rock, Zürich, CH, 2019
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Lorenza Longhi raids society for its deceptive structures, codes and verses. This supposedly neutral plunder is remixed and duplicated, highlighting and complicating its primary form. Her work deals with the reproduction, but at a level that exposes its labor, craft and the worker’s hand. The modular USM Haller home and office furniture system of 1963 is an icon of mid-century design and aspirational luxury. It has been endlessly noted for its ability to morph and expand between the arenas of working and private life with an unbiased visual cool. It is both Swiss and neutral. The sculptures in this e ...

  • Untitled, 2019
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  • Installation view, Creative beginnings, Professional End, curated by Julia Gardener, Villa Vassilieff, Paris, F, 2020
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Lorenza Longhi’s sculptural and painting practice seeks to pervert concepts of mass reproduction, perception, and consumption. Using materials found in dumpsters, deserted garages or on street corners, she adopts laborious craft techniques to produce altered versions of ubiquitous furniture, billboards, and motifs from bygone advertisements. Since 2016, she has produced a series of silver monoscreen printed paintings that muse on the surfaces and protocols of urban space: how we pass through it and the marks we leave behind. Relocating from sprawling Milan to lakeside Lausanne during their production ...

  • Untitled, 2019 (Detail)
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  • Business Card, 2020
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