Louisa Gagliardi

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Dawid Radziszewski

"Gagliardi's paintings don’t look like anything else out there. Moody, uncanny, oddly lit, and uncomfortably sensual, they brim with an implacable sense of unease"*

Aphrodisiac, 2020 — detail

"The glazed surface adds an oddly aerosol-like texture to the already obscure and unattainable objects and persons in her paintings. The final images often seem “unreal,” inducing dizziness and vertigo"*

Absent-minded, 2020 — detail
Pouring, 2020 — detail

"These are paintings populated by bodies seemingly cut from a single mould: each one is a gummy humanoid rendered as a rudimentary sexless silhouette, all soft edges"*

Capped, 2020 — detail

"Something decidedly creepy is going on in this work. It displays the artist’s virtuoso ability to create discomfort and brings us to the edge of the uncanny. Gagliardi’s are afterimages, things that you have seen in the past and that come back to you in dreams or amid the noise of media overstimulation"

(from the review of Gagliardi's recent show with Dawid Radziszewski Gallery by Agata Pyzik for Artforum, 2020)

Curtain Call
Curtain Call, 2020 — detail
  • "Raincheck" exhibition at Dawid Radziszewski Gallery
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Ignition, 2020 — detail