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The Naked Room

Lucy Ivanova was born in 1989 in Dnipro. In 2009 she graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Theatre and Arts College (G. Cherneta studio), and in 2015 the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. Lucy is a member of Montage collective. She participated in Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists (Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, 2017) and Biennial of Young Art (Kharkiv, 2019) and in Mohrytsya International Land Art Symposium throughout years. She lived and worked in Kyiv and is currently in residence at Vienna Art Academy.

«My works are the aftermath of what I have seen,» Lucy Ivanova confesses. Swans, human figures, trees, dogs are just a few figurative elements that are reluctant to make a fragile link between the recognizable reality and the reality of Lucy's work. Rather than giving any clues to the subject matter, they seem to be an excuse to dive deeper into glimmering textures and pigments instead of serving as the keys to interpreting the content.
«Her paintings might be referred to as post-photographic, post-medium: paintings that have overcome the dictatorship of the omnipresent «image» as well as a narrative».

«Artists of Dnipro school can indeed be recognized by their special painting language. At Kyiv Art Academy they say that artists from Dnipro know how to mix silverish palette and masterfully spread it – to paint broadly, grasp a spot, and gather colors deliciously. In my opinion, the Dnipro school of painting is all about savoring the material, pictorial ambitiousness, and eccentricity.» read the whole interview with the artists