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Suzie Shride

David Misteli

Transitional Painting: Marianne Vlaschits’ Primordial Rhapsody

Painting may be deeply transitional, it may visually, mentally, and epistemically mediate between the real and the imaginative, and Marianne Vlaschits masterfully accentuates and blithely reframes this most fundamental of painting’s tropes.

At the core of her artistic endeavor lies the idea of disbanding with epistemological divisions of human experience into external and internal dimensions, into body and self, being and t ...

Ellen Blumenstein on Marianne Vlaschits (Showreel Translation)

What I always liked about Marianne Vlaschits' work is how she interweaves womanhood with thematic questions. The work was very wild at the beginning and denied consciously artistic and painterly traditions. After I had a closer look at her recent works for our talk I noticed there is never just a foreground and background there is always another view, similar to a peep-box stage. Always more levels and platforms that layer upon and connect with each other.

For me, Marianne Vlaschits' work is some of the most ...

Marianne Vlaschits
Marianne Vlaschits in her Studio, July 2021

Marianne Vlaschits lives and works in Vienna and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Slade School of Art. She received several awards and grants in the past years, such as the Federal Goverment Austria Scholarship and the Emanuel and Sofie Fohn Grant. She is currently on view at Sophia Vonier Salzburg.

Recent solo and group exhibitions include Gates, Eve Leibe Gallery, London (2021), Kunstraum Riehen, Basel 2021, A Body That Lasts, Galerie 5020, Salzburg (2020), The Hypnotic Spell, Suzie Shride, Vienna (2020), Der Hase War Schuld, Galerie ...

The Hypnotic Spell
Marianne Vlaschits, The Hypnotic Spell, 2020, exhibition view, Suzie Shride