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Mariel Capanna, Tambourine, Banister, Pennant Flags, Belt, 2022, oil, chalk, and wax on panel, 48h x 42w in, 121.92h x 106.68w cm

With all of my paintings, I’m asking: when strung together, can a series of incomplete views, clunky translations, misremembered moments, flattened experiences, and oversimplifications yield something new that’s still meaningful in its own right?

–Mariel Capanna

  • Mariel Capanna, Fruit Cart, Wagon Wheels, Streamers, Stool, 2022, oil, chalk, and wax on panel, 56h x 52w, in 142.24h x 132.08w cm
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Mariel Capanna explores the subtle relationships between memory, place, and perception through performative, reflexive painting. Working from direct observation of films, documentaries, and other moving imagery, Capanna indexes filmic moments using quick painterly marks and gestures, capturing fleeting images as they move on and off-screen and into the past.

The works on view, all 2022, were made while the artist watched documentation of festivals, parades, and other public celebrations. The paintings, rendered in a luminous palette of pale blues, pinks and yellows, take cu ...

In conversation:
Mariel Capanna and Stella Zhong,
May 2022