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Mia Marfurt's artwork is concerned with spacial displacement. Many of her pieces evoke drawing even if her artworks have parted the realm of drawing. If the line was a starting point it has been extruded, expanded and formulated into a physicality that has less to do with mark making and more to do with physics.

With her new body of work, Mia Marfurt (born Zürich, 1985, lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland) continues her enquiry into the analogue/digital condition accepting its ubiquitous nature without cynicism. Marfurt creates tension in the large-scale colour drawings by challenging symmetry, repetition, abstraction and precision creating free and refreshing compositions. Sensual in texture, the works playfulness making it hard to believe they come from such a rigorous protocol. By adapting existing trade machinery, Marfurt extends the artist’s arm by having a reconditioned architectural plotter wield t ...

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An exploration into the formal abyss of composition and decomposition, of painterly values and printing efficiencies.
– Samuel Leuenberger. Founder of SALTS / Curator of Art Basel Parcours