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For Nidhal Chamekh, drawing becomes a tool in which he seeks to articulate an understanding. It is the act of translating thoughts into form. In this approach, the temporal has a vital role, where memory comes into play to examine the present and establish a future. An image can appear out of many different contexts.

Chamekh has developed a language that challenges history and politics in their broader sense. He performs his fragmentary research to convey an ambiguous atmosphere, shifting between the experience and the violence of the individual representation. He represents an imperceptible space between a silent violence mirroring an intimate experience of trauma.

nos visages is a project related to archival material depicting French colonial troops during the victory parade in Paris in 1850, where the colonial troops, referred to as "Tirailleurs Sénégalais" were not permitted to march alongside French soldiers, they were altogether excluded from the military procession

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Join Morad Montazami as he interviews Nidhal Chamekh about his current research in his studio.

By taking these archival photographs and reworking them as drawings to combine and layer faces together, the artist radicalises the denial of the personal existence. He captures the mute wounds of a history told by the official victors of war. Duplicating these faces, and tearing them out of a system of coercive representation, in order to incorporate them in another time-frame: the one consisting of linking, beneath layers of sacrificed fates, with the “losers of the victory”. These faces which contributed to the liberation of France, but remained forever excluded from its official narrative and a w ...