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Together at Last! ... Pierrot & Harlequin, in a rural fantasy, 2021, Piktogram, installation view. Photo credit: Błażej Pindor

"Together at Last! ... Pierrot & Harlequin, in a rural fantasy" is a sculptural group constituted of a chariot/plow driven by Harlequin and Pierrot, and pulled by a herd of humanoid cats. The sculpture references neoclassical bronze sculptures of horse-drawn chariots that typically adorn important buildings across Europe, suggesting power and the expansion of empire. Here the artist, using a camp aesthetic language, seeks to talk instead about an alternative history of homosexuality and paganism.

The chariot is driven by two figures, Pierrot and Harlequin, portrayed as a mythical gay coupl ...

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Futur, Ancien, Fugitif, 2019, Palais de Tokyo, installation view. Photo credit: Aurélien Mole

The works: "Corps Humain à la Botte" and "Corps Humain à l'Éventail" are freely inspired by the famous monument by Vera Moukhina (Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, 1937) representing a worker holding a hammer, and a farmer holding a sickle, symbolising the nobility and power of the working class. But here these utilitarian items are replaced by a profusion of symbols associated with frivolity, perversion and pleasure (the fan, the leather boot, the rose, the tutu). The materials are inexpensive and associated with labour: iron wool to clean wooden floor, plastic sheets for painters, butcher gloves m ...

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