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Pedro Victor Brandão combines the circulation of images with the concept of economic landscape, confronting artistic traditions in a derivative practice that evaluates the actual stage of capitalism and its distribution measures.

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For Liste Showtime, Sé presents three paintings from Totalities series, in which the artist informs abstract fields of color using data visualization techniques that reflect on regimes of accumulation, transfer and extraction of capital. Untitled #8, #15, and #16 are stacked area graphs depicting data on pre-tax income inequality, from 1990 to 2015, available at the World Inequality Database.

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001 Sem Título 8 Totalidades frente web
Untitled #8 (Pre-tax Income Inequality, Middle East and Northern Africa, 1990-2015)
003 Sem Título 15 Totalidades frente web
Untitled #15 (Pre-tax Income Inequality, Europe, 1990-2015)

"It all comes from a desire to achieve visual and critical repertoire from the realities I experience. This involves writing, reading and the need to put visuality into a check, a take on the corrupting role that the images bring."

From Redistribute the Crisis, an interview with curator Marilia Loureiro. Published in 2017 on issue 9 (After Brazil), Terremoto magazine.

"What constitutes the ownership of exo-economic natural resources? What are the risks of outer-space missions for water, platinum, palladium, and other rare metals? Will these undertakings further academic research in the fields of cosmochemistry and mineralogy? Will they provide the means for a universal basic income? Or will the result simply be an interplanetary bank for a handful of investors?"

From the artist's essay On exo-economics, published in 2016 on the compilation Between Crowds and Empires.

Tela Preparada was the first solo show of Pedro at Sé, in 2016.

Previous Shows

  • Tela Preparada, 2016. Curated by Fernando Ticoulat. Sé, São Paulo.
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