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Studio Panoramic

Rudi’s 'small studio', highlighted for Liste, is an amalgam of images, found and reconstructed objects, notes, and music that form his expanding lexicon of recycling pictorial arrangements of shape, colour and line. His paintings, sculptures and drawings establish a setting where internalised emotional and intuitive processes are possible, arising from fluctuations in scale, compositions, surface tensions and their materiality.

Rudi’s ongoing interest in early animation films and their cinematographic mechanism present key topics of exploration such as: colour-form dualities and diagrammatic pluralism within image formation in a space. Contributing to the effects of stillness, duration and movement within a group of works.

Studio With Big Red
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Shapes and symbols seem to point to directions and take the outlines of specific images. The colours are distinct and seem to transmit coded information and meaning. The space fluctuates from map like areas to dynamically woven strands of colour. In contrast to the two-dimensional work’s weightlessness and graphic potency, the sculptures present a tactility and material multiplicity of surface tensions and textures, that act as broken synonyms to his drawings and paintings. Like painterly excavated anagrams and dystopian paraphernalia which involuntary invites a participatory act from the viewer, to be ...
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from the notebook, a short writing on Dizzy's swing low sweet
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Rudi's studio at Städelschule, Frankfurt

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'Liste pop-up' is presenting a selected group of works on view at Sariev Gallery, from 4th to 14th September. A temporal intermission in Plovdiv to mark this year's edition of Liste, Basel