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Super Dakota

Sarah Derat’s work is centred at the precise intersection of sculpture/installation and tech, physical and digital.
Under a transdisciplinary umbrella bringing together archeology, paleoanthropology and neurosciences, the artist developed a strong corpus of works - from silicone rubber pieces, to videos & AI generated sound pieces - exploring the complex and endlessly shape-shifting nature of our relationship to technology and the possible resonances of machine-learned & automated systems on language, cognition and empathy.
The works selected for Liste Showtime are seminal to Derat’s research and sculptural practice.
  • Installation view, Sarah Derat, I'm verses, 2020, Super Dakota, Brussels
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Since 2017, Derat developed a singular use of silicone rubber, at the crossroads of printmaking and mould making; leading to a production of works ranging from small pieces to large scale modular installations presenting themselves as non-linear research maps, offering no simple narrative but a multitude of non-hierarchical entry points.

Key works included in I’m verses (2020) - Derat’s third solo show at Super Dakota - iii (Nimrud) and Mute function both as stand-alone works and as part of the immersive in-situ installation shown at the galler ...

Sarah derat she who loves silence6
Sarah Derat, detail of Mourners, 2019

"Derat's recent art works speak of an anthropological futurity and a questioning of where are we heading rather than merely where we find ourselves. More than a social or cultural critique, the imbrication of ancient civilisations and their contemporary counterparts impregnates a timelessness into a re-imagining of Egyptian deities, like looking back into a mirror that shows you more of your future than you thought could exist."


Jack Smurthwaite, CASTOR, 2019