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2014 Сигнал Денисов 01

Unnamed, site specific installation for SIGNAL project, 2014

Sergey Denikin’s installations do not have clearly defined borders and, as a rule, take the whole available space. In fact, the projects themselves do not have a beginning and end, a title, or a specific time frame. This uncertainty makes the author elusive and very difficult to represent.

Spatial objects are difficult to pin down in photographic documentation and two-dimensional presentation, since the most important element of any of Denikin's projects is the elusive aura arising from flickering shadows and micro-movements. The main materials of the author are dragonfly wings, fluff, seeds, ...

2014 Сигнал Денисов 02
Installation view
Denikin. Signal 2014
Sergey Denikin. Signal 2014
2014 Сигнал Денисов 08
2014 Сигнал Денисов 09

Born in 1963 in Perm and living in St. Petersburg since 1986, Sergey Denikin has a classical education from the Mukhin Academy of Applied Art in St Petersburg, Russia. He is known for his site-specific installations created largely from found natural materials, graphic works and collages on paper. Although he has participated in a number of group shows of Russian art in European museums and galleries over the last 30 years, his work remains largely unknown to international audiences and the professional art community. He is a prolific artist who has exhibited more than 100 solo projects and participa ...

IMG 4633

Unnamed, site specific installation for the exhibition OPACITY at LUDA gallery, mixed media, 2020 (prices available on request)

IMG 4621
IMG 4652
IMG 4643
IMG 4624
IMG 4670
IMG 4646
Installation view at Luda Gallery, St.Petersburg, 2020
Сияющий Хаос

Shining Chaos, mixed media, Navicula Artis, 2018 (site specific installation, prices on request)

Сияющий Хаос

Untitled, site-specific installation, My time to decay, your time to bloom, Open Borders project, Voronja Gallery, Estonia, 2018

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Various graphic works, 2010-2020, mixed media on paper and plates (prices available on request)

IMG 0140

Ear, site specific installation, plasticine, 2014 (prices available on request)