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Öktem Aykut

Silva Bingaz belongs to the photographic tradition associated with Anders Petersen, Ed van der Elsken, and the like. Her work depends on instant images that capture intimate moments. She either records ephemeral bits, or her presence reveals those substances. It is difficult to decide what process is underway when she lets herself drawn by the interplay of groups of people she follows and develops a sudden sense of belonging to.

Bingaz was born to an Armenian family in Malatya, Eastern Turkey. She lives and works in Istanbul. Since her first exhibition Coast in 2001, she has come to photograph people and places on the margins, people, and places that are not central even to themselves.

Öktem Aykut is proud to present works from her 2013 series Japan Coast at LISTE, with the hope of providing an attempt for intimacy and for reaching out.

  • From the series of Coast, 2002-2007
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  • From the series of Balat, 2015
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