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The work of Stéphanie Saadé (b. 1983, Lebanon, lives and works between Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam) develops a language of suggestion, playing with poetics and metaphor. She shares clues, signs, imageless and occasionally silent trails with us, which interact like the words of a single sentence. It is for the viewer to decipher them, as would an archaeologist faced with traces, fossils, and fragments. This enigmatic quality often stems from the artist’s own experience. In her oeuvre, personal experience is invoked exclusively as a universal subject.

Saadé graduated in Fine Arts from the École ...

She is the curator of Game of Goose, a group exhibition with works by Caline Aoun, Sirine Fattouh, Paul Hage Boutros, Martin Laroche, Marwan Moujaes, Stéphanie Saadé, Sanne Vaassen and Maha Yammine. At SALTS, Hauptstrasse 12, 4127 Birsfelden, Switzerland.

Opening September 17

September 17 - October 30

The artist’s family rolling pin is incrusted with the current geographical coordinates of the four family members (father, mother, artist, brother)
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A familiar trajectory, regularly undertook by the artist when she lived in Paris, is transposed onto the map of Lebanon. A number of obstacles prevent the Parisian path to be crossed : it is interrupted by a river, buildings, or the absence of streets. By coincidence, the end point on the new map is located very close to the place where the artist lived as a child.
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The welds that close the links of a chain and make the chain strong are gilded, and appear.

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