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As always, you and I have been faltering forward on a visible path, towards an apparent monument. Some people in the crowd lament at the wildness of grass; others rest in the shade under a tree. We lookout for the distant horizon, and from time to time, at the path behind us.

I firmly believe what I believe, I doubt what I doubt, I doubt what I firmly believe, and I believe what I doubt. People cannot affirm and reject what I believe and doubt. So, I am becoming increasingly resolute and skeptical. These constitute my logic.

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ZHANG MIAO: MR GRUEL, solo at Sandwich, 2021/22

A hearth is the place in a home where a fire is or was traditionally kept for home heating, for cooking. In November, inside the metal booth that we call Chocolat, the need for warmth and comfort is acute and Zhang Miao offers us such a hearth. He approaches architecture at its core, treating the space as what it is, a given, a chance to use its limitations to their best, connecting his work to the very idea of the Sandwich space.

Zhang Miao often refers to a witness, becoming the witness, not as in view ...

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Catching Butterflies

brass, metal primer, acrylic on aluminum and stainless steel armature, 110 x 120 x 50cm, 2020


"Cat Eye" is a pair of oil paintings in brilliantly polished brass frames. Apparently, they are not intended to be viewed in the way we normally appreciate a painting, or perhaps even to be considered paintings in and of themselves. The artwork comes to exist in the installation of the two paintings on a wall at a certain distance from each other. At that crucial moment, the painted objects are displaced by an intuitive content; the intangible meaning of the work is the gaze that it returns to the viewer. What we see is a sense of being seen, marking the beginning of a series of psychological events. ...