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Ginny on Frederick

Alexandra Metcalf (b. 1992) is a London-born, New York based artist. Her hand-crafted works address the social and personal history of femininity in conjunction with themes of fantasy, identification, domesticity, anxiety and loss. Drawing on a personal archive of specific traditions of craft and ornamentation (Brit-Punk, The Arts and Crafts Movement, and Victorian England), Metcalf elaborately allegorizes and reimagines the mother-daughter dyad. Her works have previously been exhibited at Fitzpatrick Gallery (FR), LOMEX (NYC), Downs and Ross (NYC), and Ginny on Frederick (UK).

Taken in the studio during the production of works for Liste, Alexandra, a self proclaimed sentimentalist, shares a series of objects below from her studio accompanied by personal reflections and thoughts:

Pinhole Camera
A birthday present I cherish from close friend Ben Morgan Cleveland - artist and gallerist - a beautiful pinhole image of a river.
Black Venetian Mask
I've held on to this as long as I can remember, an opera mask from Venice that belonged to my Mother. I keep drawing inspiration from it, feels haunted which is great.
I'm an obsessive archiver of old zines, sometimes feeling like half my process is research and collecting. This No Mag (LA punkzine) from the 80's had a great flyer in it that I reappropriated for a recent show. Theft and collage are the life blood of the avant garde.
Old comics!!! Huge Vaughn Bodē fan! In high school I lived by an old comic book store and would often draw from them or cut them up and make my own zines.
I started teaching myself how to work with stained glass a year ago and currently experimenting with these scraps of glass. They have been screenprinted with lead pigments and then fired. It's fun to confront almost stale ornamental crafts from history.
This is nerdy but love this cosplay pipboy from Fallout, used to play a lot with my friend Raf Foster.
a little nook - Nicorette is the most important thing in the studio.
This psycho daddy-issues shrine. My Mom made these silk screens of my Father and I happen to have a lot of them. I've been trying to work out the right context to show them but it hasn’t happened yet.
My high school art was usually cutting up things and reassembling them and I made these little figures out of my anxiety medication bottles - there's a face in the stars when you shake it. Its pretty morbid now but its one of the few things from that time that I kept. High school is really hard.
Old sculpture playing with bending silverware, a sort of weathervane cane….
A gift from the amazing painter Phoebe Nesgos, incredible find - they look like hooves and I’m excited to make something with them.
Another souvenir from high school, my first foray into ceramics and probably my last. I was really into David Shrigley and Martin Creed.