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Weiss Falk

For this years edition of Liste Showtime, Oskar Weiss and Oliver Falk are pleased to present a selection of new drawings by Amanda del Valle (*1998 Santiago de Chile). These works will be part of Valle's room installation at Liste from September 20 on.

Abject Adorables: on the work of Amanda del Valle

The liminal being is a constant of human narrative: folklore, myth and fairy tales across culture and millenia are packed with the mixed other reflecting us. From satyrs to ghosts to futuristic cyborgs unnatural mixtures have clarified and confused the norms and boundaries of societies across space and time. Passed in legend, literature, art and film they continue to record the fears and desires of the eras of their popularity. The figures that inhabit the work of Amanda del Valle elicit similar responses and contradictions, they are equally cu ...