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Ciaccia Levi

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« The idea started from a voyeurism on the body in one's private space and the acts of seeing and being seen. How can I integrate painting into an installation. While asking this questions and being in process for the installation. I started to be more tactile about the materials I would choose. Working around nudity, femininity, privacy, domesticity all comes in hand with textures. Materials that bring you the idea of softness, skin-like materials, silky, hairy and layering. »

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« But all these aspects we try to find in painting as well. When we talk about painting we often talk about “the skin” of the painting. We talk about paintings in layers as if our flesh is build in different layers. We talk about a body of work. The bed as a carrier of the body or the stretcher of a painting. Both are necessary to “support” the painting. »

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« The bedroom as one's sacred place where one can be themselves and try to let the day come to rest. The chair as everybody has in their bedroom, where clothes come to rest when they're too clean to be washed and too dirty to be put back in the closet. A place where unwanted clothes or the clothes that absorbed all the sweat and memories of the day. We can see it as if we take off our concerns and lay them to rest, so that they can hunt you later at night and become a body in the corner of the room. »

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« Support is what one needs. And in times it can feel your bed is your only ally. A place where you can have comfort, feel intimacy, have privacy and dream, a place where creativity finds it base. A place where life begins but also ends. It is the duality that intrigues me and gave me many possibilities to continue this installation. Horizontal VS vertical, soft VS hard, light VS dark, active VS passive. »

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« Down in history a woman is always been associated with passivity. Look closer to the fairytales we can link a princess often in a horizontal way. Examples like sleeping beauty and snow white are portrayed silent, intact, eternal and powerless, beautiful but passive. It is only the male who plays an active role who gives the ability to wake them up. Woman that have slept in history has been put to sleep. Once upon a time... once... and once again this day. »

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