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United Kingdom

Harlesden High Street

Juneteenth (It’s Dre Day and Everybody’s Celebrating) is a solo presentation by Harlesden based artist Andre Morgan.

On the 19th of June 2021, Juneteenth, became a federal holiday when President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law. It celebrates the passing of bill of rights to abolish slavery upon which happened over a period of time, where Texas was the final state that signed on the 19th. At Liste Art Fair Basel 2022 Morgan presented a new site specific body of work based on inner city London, offering a glimpse into the artist’s min ...

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  • Andre is depicted here as a mechanic, prepping his favourite car, the Nissan Skyline GT-R32 for a big race in Shinjuku but probably on the Kilburn High Road.
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  • As Beavis Bleeds Andre happens by
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Recreating Beavis and Butt-head scenes using watercolour and pro markers, Andre depicts the watching the way most people reacts blindly when a black person’s body is just laid out on the ground. Andre is depicted in a satirical manner here, with Beavis overreacting to his nosebleed whilst he happens by in his Rodney Dangerfield attire.

Andre Morgan Between The Office Tables IMG 8687
Andre Morgan with his puppets all staged ontop of a book shelf whilst his friend Jonny Tanna was having his flat renovated for damp
Andre Morgan - Pure Bucket on the Midnight Strip (detail)
Anime style scene of Andre placing a bet on his Skyline to win the race
Andre Morgan as Lucius Sweet 14 April 2022 12 54pm

ANDRE MORGAN (b. 1993) has a formal practice as a street sweeper in Central London. Through his route, he makes many observations about the world from the perspective of a tall, black, male country and western music fan. His works are humorous and poetic, poking fun at neoliberal society and contemporary life whilst turning the mirror on his audience in mediums that range from watercolour and felt pen painting to airbrushed canvases where ghostly figures interact with slick inner city neighbourhoods in London.

Andre Morgan has coll ...