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Installation view from Metabolic Rift at Kraftwerk Berlin Berlin 2021
Installation view from Metabolic Rift at Kraftwerk Berlin, 2021

Cezary Poniatowski’s astonishing sculptures seemed like armor for a Giger dungeon, their mutated biomorphic forms and human body parts swaddled with pleathery padding. I felt unsafe. I could not tell who was behind me or around me. Dread and panic rollicked in like aftershocks from years before—like the reanimated jazz age revels in the shining, decadence and fun transmuted into something frightening by the passage of time - Nora n. Khan, Artforum (2022)

Jan kaps cezary poniatowski hearth 20 900x1200 q100
Jan kaps cezary poniatowski hearth 18 900x1200 q100

“I treat used furniture as a human’s soul negative. That’s what I want to pull out of them – the world under the surface as a pulsating, wriggling part of reality, sphere of repressed feelings, hidden emotions, undercover intentions”

"My work thus far encompasses characteristics of both painting and sculpture - of rough, handworked quality, interior and exterior forms, organic and synthetic materials - a game between light and shade. The artworks usually seem to be built from hand-assembled long-serving everyday items as I focus on exploring the area between craft, furniture and architecture. Although I work in various media, certain uncompromising exposure of structural nuances is ubiquitous across my projects. The content of the works is accessible through the pri ...

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“He stuffs his works with foam used for soundproofing in communist social housing, shaping it into bulging, angular forms fastened to a board with screws and crudely secured staples. In so doing, Poniatowski also stuffs abstraction with the potential for meaning, tarnishing its formalist sanctity, getting under its skin.."— Camila Mchugh, Artforum (2020)

The darkness of Poniatowski’s visual universe seems to speak to the social upheavals wrought by the formerly socialist country’s economic transformation and the removal of state structures of support – a trauma that fuels the nation’s current culture wars, reflecting the political tensions between left-wing factions and the alt-right government - Moritz Scheper, Frieze (2020)