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video music from GUAN - Deterioration

The film describes a bizarre, weird and cute story. It starts with a mobile phone that fell on the ground in the wilderness. The phone 's screen lights up suddenly and showing a delivery order message. A deliveryman gets up from a body bag 、pick up the phone and ride in the bike to deliver food. Many elements in the film come from the artist’s daily life happening i ...

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This image is the main charcter's portrait of Cute & Force Majeure Ⅰ.
This modeling is very similar to artist himself because it is putting a real photo of artist on the 3D model directly.

IMG 222586

This work is composed of a male patient's mental journey, a Siri's voice, a policeman, a wizard of cyberspace, a pile of shared bicycles and other elements to explore the real situation of mankind in today's global sharing economic society.


CHILLCHILL 2020 副本 014
Asian Sharing Heaven 静帧003
Asian Sharing Heaven 静帧007
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CHILLCHILL is a 3d Internet artist. Combining game engines and the curiosties of our everyday lives. For chillchill, Virtual 3D software is not a medium for him, but a thinking system to produce new problems. His curiosity creates series of virtual worlds, big and small filled with found objects, algorithms and computer generated effects. His works cover myths, the sharing economy, globalization and neocolonialism. With destiny and consumption, and the intertextual relationships between Internet and reality.

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After graduating from the oil painting department, CHILLCHILL found that the language of oil painting could no longer meet his expressive needs, so he began to explore the 3D virtual world.He began to use contemporary Chinese life scenes as creative materials, or to synthesize 3D elements into real scenes.

CHILLCHILL 2020 副本 017

△ single-channel HD video,Color, sound,23”/ 9“/12”,2017

CHILLCHILL 2020 副本 004
CHILLCHILL 2020 副本 005

△ SHAMAN, single-channel HD video, Color, sound, 3’22” , 2020

"This film contains Occupation Movements and Internet memes from all over the world, and some themes that I continue to pay attention to have appeared, such as the "Occupation Movement" of the "sharing economy" and Internet eating and broadcasting. Through the element of "strobe light", Connect all things'violently' together to produce a new visual experience. In the image presented in this more prominent visual language, what I am concerned about is not the meaning of these objects regarding politics itself, but a new aesthetic language produced by these political movements. I use social eve ...

△ what a wonderful day, single-channel HD video, Color, sound, 32” , 2021