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  • Sucia y desprolija (2019). Installation of 7 drawings, ballpoint pen and pencil on paper, 50 x 70 cm each one
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In this series of drawings, male clothing becomes the language to explore gender performativity. Through the use of letters, doodles and erasures, I question how signs are inscribed in the body, defining and redefining our identity. In MIRROR, drawing is a state of determination and mutability.


  • Shaving the back of my head (2020), PIEDRAS
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My investigation centers in drawing, not as a discipline to represent an idea but as a practice that produces ideas in itself. I mainly work with non-noble materials: sulphite paper, napkins, pencil and pen. I’m interested in their sensibility, such as its accessibility and, therefore, its political character. I’m currently exploring the possibilities of drawing as a tool for self understanding and developing a group of works in which reality and fiction get entangled by mixing drawing and performance.


Shaving the back of my head (2020) is a series that functions as a continuation of Dirty and Sloopy, a solo show by Clara that took place in the gallery in 2019. This project was displayed in two rooms. In the first one, seven drawings portrayed the artist´s studio & bedroom, occupied by a group of girls, playing different situations. In the second one, the artist and a group of actresses remained in real time in that studio & bedroom, embodying a durational performance.


After going through the intensity of this performing experience, in 2020 Clara began a new project, also situated in a space in which she sleeps and works. Here, confinement is exacerbated, as well as night and those bodies unsettlement. In this series, a group of characters cohabit with their dreams and their nightmares, entering a hallucinatory state in which reality and fiction are entangled, while making space for the unknown.

Through the use of ballpoint pens and paper as the only elements of this work, the series holds a reduced palette according to its specific brand of pens. Predominantly black, its combinations give these works a strong contrast between the light of its lines, its fluorescent colours which resemble some disco lightening, and the darkness of the room, in which the scene develops.

Untitled from Shaving the back of my head series, 2020 | Ballpoint pen on paper | 82 x 61 cm - 32 × 24 in each one

The bodies in which the artist portrays herself in this series of drawings, are multiple unfoldings, in sweaty bodies, and a series of extravagant haircuts and hairstyles, which reminds us of post punk. These bodies dig into the possibilities of representation and deformation in an image. The series explores the limits between abstraction and figuration, as well as feminine and masculine, while searching for inexplicable and ambiguous representations.

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Untitled from Shaving the back of my head series, 2020 | Ballpoint pen on paper | 120 x 160 cm - 47 x 63 in
Untitled from Shaving the back of my head series, 2020 | Ballpoint pen on paper | 82 x 61 cm - 32 × 24 in (left) | 120 x 80 cm - 47 x 31 ¹/₂ in (right)


Dirty and sloppy, 2019-2020

Solo exhibition at PIEDRAS (Buenos Aires)

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In “Dirty and Sloopy”, her individual show, Clara presents a fiction built upon drawings, who follow one after the other, in a bedroom. Installed in two separate rooms, at first sight, they can be distinguished thanks to the back room´s yellow floor. In the front room, seven drawings hung aligned. They function as a script or partiture of what is developing in the adjunct room. Naked women use panties, latex clothes and pink satin boots with high heels. These have been bought in Once neighbourhood.[1] They share a bath while drinking coffee and smoking fags. Girls hold on to their nakedness. They see ...

  • Clara Esborraz | Dirty and sloopy, 2019 | Installation of 7 drawings | Ballpoint pen and pencil on paper | 50 x 70 cm ea
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The Broken Hour, 2019

Solo exhibition, Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art

  • Clara Esborraz: The Broken Hour, 2019 | Installation view | Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art
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The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art is pleased to present an exhibition by the young artist Clara Esborraz (Rafaela, Santa Fé, 1991) featuring a set of drawings made specifically for the show.

Produced with commonly found materials; ordinary biros and paper, Clara Esborraz's drawings depict scenes full of everyday objects and spaces that gradually expand into a surreal fantasy. Her images reshape reality into irrational situations where a tooth or kettle burst into tears and curtains start to sweat.

Thus a new space is created between their domestic nature ...

  • Clara Esborraz | Untitled from The Broken Hour series, 2019 | Ballpoint pen on paper | 42 x 29,7 cm | 16 x 12 in
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