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Voloshyn Gallery

Optical Prostheses series

Since the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, Galkin kicked off his work on a series that explores interior items of the Soviet era's industrial design — at this time focusing on stained-glass windows found in hospitals, military commissariats and fire departments, which formulate a holistic statement in the context of current wartime.

The grisaille hommages feature stained-glass from Dnipro region, with glass sooted and sky blackened with smoke as a result of being hit by shock waves of missile attacks or as a consequence of being broken down and dismantled within the ongoing decommunization program in Ukraine. By transferring fragments of stained-glass panels to canvas, the artist does not only attach a new meaning to them, but also confers the status of artwork which they had never possessed before.

The name of the project tells about the distortion of history, for example, through the lens of Kremlin propaganda and ...