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The age of silver bones I detail

The objects that Doruntina will present at Liste 2023 represent an aesthetic of a dual nature: one of simultaneous empathy and dissociation. The delights no longer foster a sentiment of sweetness, celebration or hospitality — rather, they turn into an active tool of commodified labour.

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Doruntina Kastrati The age of silver bones

The sculptures are human-size replicas of pistachios, nuts frequently used in production of Turkish delights, cast in aluminium and treated so that they invoke an empathic response in the viewer. The memory of taste speaks to our sentiment and fondness of sweetness, while the reflective metallic surface of the sculpture insinuates the bitter effect of alienating those who work hard to produce it.

"I kept going to work sick, with an injured leg, and my leg was injured again in the same place, because I kept my boots on all the time. Working 12-13 hours straight; we even worked for 20 hours. No rules at all. During my medical leave at the end of 2018, I was fired, even though I had a work contract. I was fired." This is a quote from Doruntina Kastrati's artwork on worker deaths in Kosovo. The work is the result of extensive research, including dozens of interviews, official documents, and digging in archives, and will be exhibited this year at the National Museum in Prishtina as an installation ...

Doruntina Kastrati works mainly across sculpture, installation and moving image. Through her practice, she researches and focuses on the body and its relationship to biopolitical power, directing one’s attention to social and political issues of labor in the global context. She was awarded the Young Visual Artist Award from the National Gallery of Kosovo (2014) and won the Hajde x 6 Award from the Hajde Foundation (2017). She was a resident at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York in 2015, a resident at Art House in Shkodër in 2018 and at Initiators in At ...

  • Ring the bells my land, 2017/22, © Doruntina Kastrati © Manifesta 14 Prishtina, photo / Majlinda Hoxha / Atdhe Mulla
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