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The recent work of Elsa-Louise Manceaux (Paris, 1985; lives and works in Mexico City) establishes parallels between the transit of information within beliefs, landscapes, weather and technology. Across these parallels she builds bridges between medium, support and image. Her paintings are intertwined with the investigation of mixed supports and anachronistic techniques such as fresco, which recently has resulted in three-dimensional paintings and installations.

Of Cables, Algae, and Desiluminaciones

  • Installation view, End of Future, SAPS La Tallera, Cuernavaca, curated by Adrian Notz, 2019.
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‘Of Cables and Algae’ is the title of a recent series of paintings (2018-ongoing), which focus on the relationship between nature and technology, specifically on underwater worlds, fiber optic cables, transmission, signals, waves, toxicity and seaweed.

These paintings seek to reflect on physically inaccessible or transitable landscapes undergoing changes in their environment, where artificial entities seem to ‘fuse’ with the natural ones. From a pictorial perspective, these phenomena has allowed Manceaux to ‘access’ and ‘experience’ these places and situations.

  • Installation View, Desiluminaciones, Lodos, Mexico City, 2018.
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This act of 'desillumination' is what leads Manceaux to reflect on how to produce images from the pictorial, to rethink the relationship between the transmitter and the receiver, between the distant and the near, the temporality and the movement, through the nexus between the gaze and the landscape, that of technology and progress; and how to capture those instants of metamorphosis.

Therefore the works present in 'Desiluminaciones' are also charged with a sense of transiency: between the background and the figure, between the graphic and the stain, the color and the luminosity. This sense of p ...

Live Air Traffic

'Live Air Traffic' is a series of paintings from 2019 that were developed after observing a flight-tracking app. In the paintings, the land is fictitious, although the flux is real and varies depending on the selected parts of the world. 'Live Air Traffic' is also series about scale, connected to a research on the notion of contemporary plagues.

  • Installation view, Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?, Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City, 2019.
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The ‘plague series' (2019), is inspired by the Book of Miracles – a German manuscript from the 16th century that mixes supernatural phenomena with biblical stories, folklore and apocalyptic visions – and also influenced by the biblical story of ‘Ten Plagues of Egypt’.

The drawings reflect upon the notion of contemporary plagues and therefore on landscape, territory, propagation, and the relationship between visual information and beliefs. The drawings manifest different kinds of multitudes from different kinds of natures, mixing references to different periods, by introducing dates, aphorisms ...