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Afriart Gallery

Emmie Nume: Embodied Imagination

Emmie Nume’s paintings and drawings reflect a deeply intuitive practice. While focusing on portraiture, he captures the essence of emotions through spontaneous and free expression – devoid of any meticulous formal and academic calculation of his figures and scenes. His ability to combine spontaneous abstraction and figurative complexities speaks of the freedom he grants himself while creating. Mainly working with charcoal, pastels, and acrylics on canvas and paper, Emmie Nume adds spontaneous use of collage and found objects and other media and techniques to his works.

The solo presentation o ...

Nume held his debut solo exhibition WHEN THOUGHTS ATTACK ME in 2023 at Afriart Gallery. He has shown in the group exhibitions I DRAW, THEREFORE I THINK (South South Platform, 2021) and WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (Afriart Gallery, 2022), and at Art Basel Miami Beach, FNB Joburg, ARCO Lisbon, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, and at Joburg Art Fair. Beginning in February 2023, he is an artist-in-resident at the Tracey Emin Foundation in Margate, UK.