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"Having a set of visualities at one's disposal, and for concrete purposes – this might be the descriptive definition of a pictorial propaganda, which has many times assisted in the colonial appropriation of the concrete areas.
Pictorial artefacts, as well as those entirely tangible ones, are substrates that find their application in the context of historical politics, specific ideologies designed to confirm the circulating versions of memory, thus indicating what the present condition should be. After all, the creators of national antiquities exhibitions were also aware that the spirit of patrio ...

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again."*

In the rhyme above is an image of a very specific catastrophe, shattering into pieces and an attempt to reassemble someone / something back together again. On a level of creative practice, it is a gesture of reconstruction which he constantly repeats, of fitting together fragments that are not necessarily contiguous. Despite an effort, there is also the futility of trying in it, as the reconstruction is never absolutely pe ...

2023 05 23 wanda03165 3
2023 05 23 wanda03215 2

Bones reconstruction I-II, 2023
gouache, chalk, pulment, pigment, acrylic mass, titanium, acrylic, plasterboard, glue, canvas, plywood, aluminum frame
80 × 65 cm

Locating the discourse close to the body again, if bone transforms into chalk, it can well transform into a titanium, which will restore the displaced elements to their correct positions. The motif of the hand, which artist uses, points our attention to the very gesture of reconstruction, making an active effort to endow the body with correct form and posture. However, as it happens, repair can be close to tearing apart, for in order for something to be repaired it must be broken in the first place.

Hence, it is not wholly clear whether hands twisting the spine – in a work called Posture ...

Posture Study sculpture 2023 acrylic marble dust fiberglass metal vice 33 50 44 cm
Posture Study sculpture 2023 acrylic marble dust fiberglass metal vice 33 50 44 cm 01

Posture Study (sculpture), 2023, acrylic, marble dust, fiberglass, metal, vice, 33 × 50 × 44 cm
Edition of 3 + I AP

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The objects in the Accident Study series are built from post-accident elements of Catlike cycling helmets. The function of the helmet is to absorb the energy of the impact and partially dissipate it by cracking its structure. As a result of the accident, these helmets were irretrievably deprived of their function and became useless.

Reconstructed into a coherent but confabulatory whole, the helmets resemble archaeological artifacts whose original function has been irretrievably obliterated by time. Knowing the original purpose of the objects shifts their context toward the categ ...