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United Kingdom

Sans titre (2016)

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Hamish Pearch by aleï journal @aleijournal

Interview by Mélodie Zagury & Daphné Mookherjee

Studio views & Portrait by Andreas Lumineau

aleï journal / AJ — How would you define your practice ?

Hamish Pearch / HP — There are these inner things that underpin my thinking; the idea of time, of space and of geographies. I am interested in how I can use objects to stretch or push time, and how I can show these ideas within a sculptural work, a drawing, or a collection of objects.I wonder about the idea of humanness, the anthropocene, about our place within time. As humans sitting within an era from the beginning of time to where we are now. I always find it really interesting that if you put the histo ...


AJ — What about the works for Liste?

HP — For Liste, I was thinking about what this exhibition is, and the kind of flow of people that come and the speed of it. I was thinking about it being an event that is over in a few days, which is attended by a lot of people, a quick thing. So I wanted to put on a dinner.. So the new works will be satellites on and around a spiraling table. Chairs will appear to grow and form from the floor, while containers on the table will be the entropic site at which forms hold and then dissipate. I have been imagining that t ...

AJ — Do you have any reference, influence, inspirations and where do they come from?

HP — I am a bit dyslexic so I think the way that I consume things isn’t well ordered. I will start reading something and then I will put it down. Things comes in and they kind of sit with you and it goes off. Something could be important and then something else comes in, it starts gesticulating.

It is similar to how I work. Often the things that I am trying to do end up not working. I have this idea, a drawing of what I want to do, and sometimes it ...


AJ — What links everything together?

HP — With the chairs I think about humanness and absence of humanness. They are a structure which is created to hold us and position us in space. With the natural elements, I am always thinking about what would happen in spite of us being around. Like a mushroom can grow from anything, they can grow from a bone, charcoal material, or in the dark and they find a way to make themselves, and they do it very fast. I like to think of what is underneath a mushroom or a flower. The mycological networks underneath. The mushr ...


AJ — You have created your own language that evolves with these forms that come back, the chairs, the almonds, the mushrooms and the lemons?

HP — It is like a weird logic, letting the logic expand and kind of birth itself.

AJ — Did you become an artist also to make a part of you last?

HP — All the trees in the world are going to fall sooner or later.

AJ — How do you see things going for you in the future, and how do you want to evolve as ...


Hamish Pearch (born in 1993, United Kingdom) lives and works in London. He participated in the Royal Academy London Post-Graduate Program from 2016 to 2019, having graduated with his Bachelor with honors from Camberwell College.

Hamish Pearch's work has been shown in the context of solo exhibitions at Sans titre (2016) (Paris, 2021 & 2018); front (Brussels, 2021); as part of Manifesta 13 at Belsunce Projects (Marseille, 2020); at Soft Opening (London, 2019); at the Royal Academy (London, 2019) and at Kupfer Projects (London, 2018). Hamish Pearch's exhibi ...