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Dastan's Basement

Light goes to darkness, nights arrive after days - and I think of how terrific, enchanting and devastating this transformation is. These paintings are an ode to my appreciation for this common experience which we face so casually in our daily life.

This series is about the color Black. Black is full of contrasting and opposing meanings, which it somehow still manages to hold under its cloak:

Black is color but it is not color.

Black covers and banishes everything and yet, everything emerges from it.

Black is the absence of visible lights, it creates creatures that emerge from nothingness.

Black is a space, allowing us to let our imagination fly - to do anything and everything without shame. And yet, it all returns to normal by a small beam of light, piercing this massive Blackness.

Black makes a mess, Black causes darkness and at the same time it brings forth creation.

I tried to depict the different faces of Black in this series of paintings.

Hoda Installation 2
Installation View, LISTE 2019, Basel, Switzerland