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Jason Hirata, Car, 2021 - A departures service for visitors to be transported from the gallery to a destination of their choosing

"Car, 2021 was made to facilitate the export of experiential memories from an exhibition I had in Milan. By facilitating this conveyance I hoped that the role of the gallery as an import-export trader of aesthetic experience (or memories of it) could be underlined."

Car was very simply a departure service that the gallery, Fanta-MLN, helped me facilitate. They hired a car service called NCC Milano Services to pick people up from the gallery and take them anywhere else they wanted to go. In this way, the exhibition spread with its audience as they traveled: toward home, toward work, to further reaches of their gallery hopping, to dinner, etc.

As Car traveled with its audience and physically transported them and their experiences back to their own lives it also extended those experiences by being one of them. It is an artwork, disti ...

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Jason Hirata (b. 1986, Seattle, WA) lives and works in Highland Park, New Jersey. The artist’s practice investigates the relationships and structures, often invisible, that underlie artistic production and presentation. His work reflects on the forms of subjectivity promoted and suppressed by these practices and seeks to bridge artistic thought with the conditions of life and life’s commitments. In his works, heteronomy, dependency and contingency are conceived as conditions that are fundamental and constitutive to the materiality of art and existence.

Hirata holds a BFA in photography from t ...