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Javier Bravo de Rueda, (Lima, 1989), a ceramist and painter, explores the relationships and tensions with oneself and the otherness. His process starts from personal notes, that take the shape of drawings. They depict images of free association with references to architectural structures and the prehistoric past of humans. In this search, he links the material aspect of human production with the raw material that serves as its basis: the relationship between the earth and fire, wood and pigments and other supports for iconographic production. For this, the artist recognizes himself as a legatee of a cultural baggage, which he expresses in the graphics and texts that he includes in the drawings.

For his series of ceramic works Models for an impossible structure, he constructed and rebuilt strange utopian, audacious, and for that very reason, defiant structures with their own life and fragility in sight. These are not weak constructions but risky expressions in space, sometimes accompanied by an illustration that gives clues to accept them as a symbolic reality.

Maqueta para torre de paisaje 2019 Cerámica gres 118 x 55 x 45 cm 2
Maqueta para Constructivismo 2019 Cerámica gres 138 x 47 x 47 cm 2
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For this series of pieces, ritual sculptures are taken as reference, such as the Yunza, a tree decorated in carnivals that symbolizes abundance, used in celebrations of Andean culture as a metaphor for renewal during the solstice. In these representations choreographies of fragile balance are generated, where the skeleton, the skin and the accessory are the predominant elements. Through an eclectic selection of forms and compositions, they dialogue not only as experimental material processes, but also poetic ones in relation to precarious, ephemeral and changing self-construction, the idea of ​​sculpture-person and the syncretic nature of objects or artifacts.