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  • Installation view: Jessica Wilson, "Hand with Sponge," (left) in The Painter's New Tools, Nahmad Contemporary, 2022
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Jessica Wilson (b. 1991) lives and works in New York. Wilson’s practice concerns itself with probing virtual space as it mirrors the material effects of phantasmal, unseen forces compelling sensory experience. Simple physical gestures - a smile, stutter, twitch or twinge - manifest intangible internal dynamics that carry recognizable meaning when embodied. In computer-generated imagery, light, color, and movement are parsed from abstract and hidden sets of data that bring the static “to life,” rendering lines of information into sensory effects. Her work has been featured in exhibitions including

JESW004 Wilson Perfectly Clear 2022
Perfectly Clear, 2022, UV pigment on dibond, 37⅜ x 61⅜ in.
JESW003 Wilson Hand with Sponge 2022
Hand with Sponge, 2022 UV pigment on dibond, 43⅜ x 50⅜ in.

"The odd urgency of the age condenses in a 2022 picture by Jessica Wilson, “Perfectly Clear” — a nearly photorealistic 3-D rendering of a hand drawing a squeegee down a sudsy windowpane. It’s a flat UV print on Dibond and one of the least painterly objects in the show. Yet its tart composition, our view from the outside, the scintillating tactility of the blade scraping away the soap, remind us that the medium doesn’t matter. What matters is art’s basic urge to exceed the chore of living." --- Travis Diehl,

Smile Driver 002
Installation View, "Smile Driver" (2019) CG animation, 7 min 56 sec

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is a 23-minute animation depicting a 3D-modeled hand cleaning a window in one shot. The glass, initially obscured by layers of dust, dirt, and grime, gradually becomes transparent and reflective while the hand and the room it's in come into view. The video will be installed as a free-standing “wall” composed of three stacked television monitors on an array of bright red carpet cubes. Often focusing on her subjects shrouded by smudged or dirty surfaces, Wilson retr ...

  • Still Image from "Perfectly Clear" (2023), CG animation, 23 min 22 sec
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