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Ermes - Ermes

Jieun Lim (1983, KR) carries on a suitably mysterious work from which every time oneiric and suspended atmospheres arise, delicate and gloomy at the same time, like in a lucid nightmare, albeit painless.

Her work tells about transactions, relations, intimacy but also about a deep sense of bewilderment, alienation, obsession.

Lim makes spatial installations that are complex propositions, collections of things - video-projections, books, lights, photographies, music - each one with a strong identity and coming from well-defined imaginaries.

  • Dear and Dearest, chapter II, 2020 - Installation view
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"Dear and Dearest" takes the form of a series, all of which share various environmental factors and support each other as a community. In the first chapter, 'Dear' and 'Dearest,' repetitively used in letters and diaries weave scattered words which imply love in the book 'Dracula' written by Bram Stoker together into an unanswerable message to you and me.

In the second chapter, Lim mutters “where this itchiness in the body and the corner of mind have started from”, while rambling around Mount Vesuvius, a crater that still remains hot.

Will the end of these repeated prognostic symptoms le ...

Grandmothers Tongue 0975
Grandmother's Tongue, 2016 - Installation view

With the exhibition “RGB: Return to the gate following B,” Korean artist Jieun Lim does a lot with very little. Her use of gallery space, materials (both the literal, physical stuff the works are made of and their connotations), and even the title of the exhibition make for a complex proposition. What it means is far from obvious.

Ermes Ermes is located in a peculiar two-level space: a dark, slightly dingy disused stable with a small anteroom upstairs, looking out onto the courtyard of a glorious Viennese townhouse. The exhibition comprises an installation on the brick floor downstairs, three ...

  • RGB: Return to the gate following B, 2019 - Installation view, Ermes-Ermes, Vienna
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  • Untitled (Insect Series), 2018, Inkjet print, 59x42cm
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6 Jieun Lim Jieun Lim At the Gate 2019 RGB Return to the gate following B Exhibition view web
At the Gate, 2019, MDF structure, book, text, light, variable dimensions

Jieun Lim (b. 1983, KR) lives and works in Düsseldorf. Recent solo exhibitions: RGB: Return to the gate following B, Gallery Ermes-Ermes, Vienna; Yellow Time/Dilemma Zone, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf; Recent group exhibitions: Polke und die Folgen. Neuerwerbungen, Akademie Galerie-Die Neue Sammlung, Düsseldorf; Planet 58, K21 Kunstsammlung Museum Düsseldorf; Appearing Unannounced at Rirkrit Tiravanija’s Studio, Chiangmai;The crust repeatedly rises and falls, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul; Coop Bangkok Biennial, Bangkok. In 2018 she won the ...