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Adams and Ollman is pleased to present at Liste select works by Jonathan Berger from his exhibition, An Introduction to Nameless Love.

In collaboration with Mady Schutzman, Emily Anderson, Tina Beebe, Julian Bittiner, Matthew Brannon, Barbara Fahs Charles, Brother Arnold Hadd, Erica Heilman, Esther Kaplan, Margaret Morton, Richard Ogust, Maria A. Prado, Robert Staples, Michael Stipe, Mark Utter, Michael Wiener, and Sara Workneh.

Taking the form of a large-scale sculptural installation that includes over 533,000 tin, nickel, and charcoal parts, An Introdu ...



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Jonathan Berger in conversation with Daniel Byers, John R. and Barbara Robinson Family Director at Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts and Lecturer on Art, Film, and Visual Studies, Harvard University.

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"An Introduction to Nameless Love," Jonathan Berger's large, text-based installation at Participant Inc., is one of the sleeping beauties of the New York gallery lockdown. Luckily, it will reawaken Sept. 9 for a month.

I saw it during its initial opening five months ago, and was dazzled by its silvery texts, seeming to hand in midair and surrounded by darkness. They hav stayed in my mind, aided by the wise and generous love-knows-no-bounds title; the crucial phrase is Allen Ginsberg's from a 1974 interview. The pieces make us privy to six unconventional relationships detailed in ...